The Geometrical Swing Hardback Book.

The Geometrical Swing is a book of 50 paintings from 2019 and 2020 by contemporary British artist Tim Muddiman. 

The work includes illusionistic architectural and abstract geometry as well as era-defining paintings examining Art Deco, urban landscapes, and iconic homes. The book also blends narrative cartoons of Hollywood and hallucinations with re-imagined British brutalism, blurring the lines between the fine and the applied arts.

The autobiographical introduction text examines a period of enlightenment and evolution from musician to painter at the end of a lengthy worldwide tour in 2018. In addition, the book features a foreword written by musician Gary Numan, with whom Muddiman shared a stage for many years as a band member.


There are three options below:

Book: Standard Book

Deluxe: Signed and dedicated book and A4 Jack House Print. 

Superior Deluxe: One of four unique original framed paintings and signed and dedicated book. (only limited numbers available)