Luxury Wall Coverings

Really pleased to announce that I have partnered up with Nordic Luxury Wall Covering brand to create a new wall coverings collection.
The new Tim Muddiman x FEATHR collection comprises of four modernist wallpaper designs, along with seven bold centrepiece murals. In creating the collection, Muddiman has drawn on his teenage love of street art and combined it with experiences gained as a musician. Dominated by recurring themes of muscular geometric block colour, dimensionality and surrealism, each of the wallcoverings conveys Muddiman's distinct creative vision.
Tom Puukko, Founder at FEATHR, commented, “Muddiman’s work is an arresting viewpoint on brutalist architecture. His clever play between structure and colour evokes powerful images with depth and emotion interwoven in on every level. We’re delighted to see his unique perspective translated into such a stunning wallcovering collection.”
Take a look below!

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