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Tim Muddiman



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Title: Widows and Orpans
Dimensions: 51  x 61 cm (unframed)
Medium: Acrylic/Canvas 

'During times when there is an economic downturn, investors turn to safe harbors or “a flight to safety.” When a broker refers to buying “widows and orphans” stock for your portfolio it is usually for your protection against market volatility. Along with elderly people, widows and orphans refer to those most vulnerable in our society'.

Hardedge, contemporary and linear. Illustrated and hand painted with bold values. A redesigned future for industry, the environment and global commerce. 

I use acrylic paint on medium weight canvas for a heavy textured finish. All of my paintings are spray matt varnished on completion and hand signed.

The painting comes comes with the frame pictured.

 Please contact info@timmuddiman.com for further information and shipping outside of the UK.



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