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Tim Muddiman



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Title: Bull Market
Dimensions: 41  x 51 cm (unframed)
Medium: Acrylic/Canvas 

'We had a long bull market, or a rising market without a bear market threat until March 2020. The pandemic effects on our economy and the market came swiftly. The bear market arrived, but for only a few weeks.  For it to be a bull or bear market, the rise or fall has to be 20% or more'.

Hardedge, contemporary and linear. Illustrated and hand painted with bold values. A redesigned future for industry, the environment and global commerce. 

I use acrylic paint on medium weight canvas for a heavy textured finish. All of my paintings are spray matt varnished on completion and hand signed.

The painting is not delivered with the frame in the photos. 


Please contact info@timmuddiman.com for further information and shipping outside of the UK.



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