Portraits, TOAF and New Work.

Portraits, TOAF and New Work.

This blog entry is dated a mere 5 days after a fantastic outing at Saatchi Arts, The Other Art Fair in London. It feels a little like touring. In and out of a vortex-like it never happened and left exhausted, invigorated and all in between.   I exhibited 11 new paintings and they all seemed to be received with positive reactions, conversations, and intrigue. I sold a few as well. 

I found/find explaining my art difficult.  I enjoy the first one or two conversations but then I feel like I'm going to trip up my words and come across all confused, inarticulate and insincere.  It's a cross to bear when knowing that going to an art fair is to speak with as many art lovers as possible, hoping there will be a chord struck and the encounter will give an insight into the world I spend most of my time in. 

The new work that I've been doing could be said that it's in an area of. 'Cinematic expression.' Well, that's how I tried to explain it because that's how I felt it. 

I adore a contemplative look from a good face. I like to see the pause.  It causes a reaction from the expression alone. The same can be said for the look of horror, and pain or when one is in a 'state of emergency.' Not quite despair, but that frozen moment before action after rapid analytical thought.  Here. there and everywhere, I will explore more. Tapping well into the human face and its performance feels truly overwhelming. I won't attempt to explain the vast expressions in a blog entry, but I can with my paintings.


5 paintings that were started at the end of 2023 and completed this year are now on this website and available to be discussed, viewed in person or bought directly from this website, Saatchi Art, Zebra One Gallery, Hampstead or Sota Marketplace.    Look at the Original Art page to view now. 

Please feel free to drop comments below. To avoid a ton of spam all comments need to be approved so make 'em' good.  


Blog Page Photo : Louisa Rechenbach 

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