New Work........ and why they are what they are

New Work........ and why they are what they are

The Jack House Series :
The Jack House Series offer colour for experience and structure for reflection. The pieces are designed to provoke feeling. Not an obvious understanding, but to experience through their minimalist nature with maximum effect. The symbolic structure of home and abstracted sculpture protects.
 Situated on barren landscapes The Jack House paintings are a symbolic commentary representing solitude in life and the profound effect of the human condition.


‘Through sound, Tom Waits, informs my imagination both lyrically and through instrumentation’. TM

 In his song 9th & Hennepin, Tom speaks of a junction in Minneapolis where donuts have names that sound like prostitutes and all the rooms smell like diesel.

 This series relate to the emotions and images drawn from Muddiman’s personal experiences and stories that relate to themes in this particular song. The artists visual connection leans on poetic danger, a comforting melancholy and the lonesome underground pockets of life.

 The hotels represent a short stay along a journey and the images that occur when in this place of fantasy.



Abstract Architecture

These post painterly modernist architectural retunings of abstract perspectives, landscapes and structure, draw from the impact of mid-century concrete brutalist design in modern towns and cities in the United Kingdom.

The work exaggerates their monumental functioning abilities and the potential impact on the environments they belong to. The narrative speaks of the fictitious aftermath of dystopian fall out and the imagined rebuilding of modern society.



Roadside Punctuation

In the 1900’s Armen Sardarov designed close to 100 Soviet Bus Stops (aka Bus Pavilions).  Public transport was celebrated for the luxurious use in Soviet Russia when the modern car was owned by only a few. The competitively designed shelters were places for communities to gather and socialise before and after travelling and were littered all over the continent.

‘With an intense fascination of modest architecture and minimalistic art I was overwhelmed to learn of the architectural work of Armen Sardarov. Intrigued and fascinated by my learning I re designed and re imagined my own versions of the witty soviet bus stops in my hardedge abstract style’.  



Partial Darkness

Muddiman has spent long hours pounding the streets in cities and the hallways of venues, while touring the world as a musician and photographing the minimalistic nature of basic objects from abstract perspectives in a search for the design of acute functioning modesty.

 Relatives and photographers, Lee Farmer and Muddiman, share an interest in noticing and capturing minimal scenes that encourage the focus to be on the extreme simplicity. They both collaborated on this two-painting series to go alongside the abstract architectural re tunings.

These two pieces are named after their locations in Stockholm, Sweden.





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