A Year Of Freedom

A Year Of Freedom

I like to contradict an original thought in my work.

What starts out as an idea can feel very restrictive and narrow as I explore the idea into one image with different components.  However, at times, it can be important to concentrate on the smaller things, rather than always searching for a notable big idea.  I guess one could say that the beauty is in the detail or lack of, at times.

I like a quote from David Lynch, “I don't know why people expect art to make sense. They accept the fact that life doesn't make sense.”

I strongly agree.  Like I say above, if I was to stick to that one thought that spawns an idea than a lot of the fun, excitement and freedom would be immediately zapped after said original idea. 

My mind travels fast when in creative mode.  It jumps from one thing to the next like a train passing through different stations and towns with different architecture and accents. The accents are what change and so does the social etiquette and social behaviours.

All of my work is man-made. It derives from man-made objects repositioned and imagined whether they come from a design of a physical object or the result of a feeling that an object, structure and colour can give.

I don’t want to be tied down. That is my art.  My mind wonders. Daydreams are real.  Whatever we think is real.   It’s a buy product of being alive.  It’s reality. Whatever we think is real.  At the time.  This is my artwork.  It’s real. From the first thought until the painting is completed on canvas.

 The structure in my work helps me navigate my emotions. It ties them into a neat pile and dusts down fragmentation. They heal. I can jump in and lean and touch the objects and be relaxed. Happy, secure and transcendent with thoughts.

2021 is a year of freedom.


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