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Title: Dogs Of The Dow 
Dimensions: 61 x 81 cm (unframed)
Medium: Acrylic/Canvas 

'The Dow refers to  30 stocks of well-known large publicly companies, also known as “blue-chips”,  that compose the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA).  An investment strategy popularised by Michael O’Higgins in 1991 was to buy the Dogs of the Dow, the 10 stocks which were part of the DJIA and had the highest dividend yields'.


Hardedge, contemporary and linear. Illustrated and hand painted with bold values. A redesigned past of war, the environment and global commerce. 

I use acrylic paint on medium weight canvas for a heavy textured finish. All of my paintings are matt varnished on completion and hand signed.

The painting is mounted and delivered in the frame in the photos. 


Please contact for further information and shipping outside of the UK.