Prints & Frames & Free Shipping.

I wanted to write a blog to explain my situation with frames for the prints.    
In the past I was selling A2 frames for the A3 prints with mounts and they were included in what I charged. I ordered the frames, mounted, and framed the prints, then shipped them off to the purchaser.    
However, I came up against all kinds of problems.  The actual framing of the prints is time consuming, and I must add that framing a print is not as straight forward as one might think. On a few occasions the prints in frames were damaged in transit and this costs me extra money in shipping, reordering a frame and the time it's takes to re organise the above. I found myself spending way too many hours each week organising and re organising the printing side when I needed to be painting and creating new work.    
For the time being and until I can arrange fool proof system I have decided to lower the price of the prints and take the frames and framing out of the equation.  I also do not charge for postage or packaging globally.   I am offering the free shipping service to counteract the VAT now charged by European customs because The UK is now out of EU and the rest of the world just gets a bonus.    
When the rules of the game change we must adapt.     
Regarding frames and framers I highly recommended the below companies.    
1:    I use a fantastic company called Easy Frame in Bedford UK for all frames for my paintings. They also offer a huge range of frames for prints too via their comprehensive and interactive web site.  The web site address is HERE    
2:    The frames that I use to sell with prints are from HERE  They have a good web site where you can order the frame and mount yourself at home.    
3:    Alternatively, if you are in London, I suggest using Zebra One Gallery in Hampstead.  They have years of experience and are super cool people.  Call Warren.  Web site details are HERE     

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